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Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores is a renowned chain of travel centers and convenience stores that has become a staple along the highways and interstates of the United States. Founded in 1964 by Tom and Judy Love, Love’s has grown from a small gas station in Oklahoma to a thriving network of over 550 locations across 41 states. With its commitment to providing excellent customer service, clean facilities, and a wide range of amenities, Love’s has become a go-to destination for both professional truck drivers and everyday travelers. In this article, we will explore the key features and offerings of Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores, highlighting why it has become a preferred choice for many on-the-road travelers.

Convenience and Amenities

Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores are strategically located along major highways and interstates, making them easily accessible for travelers. These travel centers offer a wide range of amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient experience for their customers. One of the primary attractions is the availability of fuel, with Love’s offering a variety of fuel options such as gasoline, diesel, and compressed natural gas (CNG) at competitive prices. This makes Love’s an ideal pit stop for both individual motorists and commercial truck drivers.


In addition to fuel, Love’s provides a host of essential services and amenities. Their convenience stores are stocked with a diverse selection of food, snacks, and beverages, catering to various tastes and dietary preferences. Travelers can find everything from fresh grab-and-go meals to hot coffee, refreshing drinks, and an assortment of snacks. Love’s also partners with popular food franchises like Subway, Hardee’s, and Chester’s Chicken to offer a wider range of dining options.

Moreover, Love’s travel centers feature clean restrooms, which are crucial during long journeys. Maintaining high hygiene standards is a top priority for Love’s, ensuring that travelers have access to well-maintained facilities. Showers are available for drivers to freshen up and recharge before hitting the road again. Additionally, Love’s offers laundry facilities, truck parking, tire care services, and even Wi-Fi connectivity, further enhancing the overall convenience for travelers.

Professional Driver Services

Recognizing the unique needs of professional truck drivers, Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores goes the extra mile to cater to their requirements. Many Love’s locations have designated areas for truck parking, allowing drivers to rest and rejuvenate in a safe environment. These areas often include separate fueling stations and amenities exclusively for trucks, ensuring efficient service for commercial vehicles.


Love’s also provides a comprehensive range of services targeted specifically at truck drivers. Their tire care centers offer tire repairs, replacements, and maintenance services to keep trucks in optimal condition. Love’s Truck Care and Speedco locations provide professional maintenance and repair services, including oil changes, inspections, and minor repairs. These dedicated services make Love’s a preferred choice for truck drivers, as they can find all the necessary resources in one convenient location.

Community Impact and Philanthropy

Beyond its role as a travel center and convenience store, Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores actively engages with local communities and contributes to charitable causes. The Love family has fostered a culture of giving back, and this ethos is reflected in the company’s initiatives. Love’s places a strong emphasis on supporting children’s hospitals, partnering with organizations like Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to raise funds and awareness for pediatric healthcare.

Through various fundraising campaigns and in-store promotions, Love’s has raised millions of dollars for children’s hospitals across the country. These donations directly benefit local communities and contribute to improving the lives of countless children and their families.



Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores have established themselves as a leading provider of convenience, comfort, and support for travelers across the United States. With their strategically located travel centers, extensive



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