[Yakult]First rookie pitcher of a rarity, Akira Yamashita, first professional hit, only 1 hit per shutout-Nikkan Sports

  1. [Yakult]First ever rarity rookie pitcher Teru Yamashita, Teru Yamashita’s first pro hit, only one shutout lossnikkan sport
  2. [Highlight]Teru Yamashita makes his first professional starter | September 22, Tokyo Yakult Swallows vs. Chunichi (Jingu Stadium)Tokyo Yakult Swallows
  3. [Shinya Miyamoto]Yakult Teru Yamashita, the first starting pitcher, “I don’t know” if the passing score can be used in anticipation of a decisive battle in the short term – Chronicle critical – Chronicle baseballnikkan sport
  4. Yakult D1 Yamashita makes a bitter debut 9 hits and 2 runs in the middle of the 5th inning, the first black star The team’s only hit is also the first professional hit…sanspo
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